Optimised Value Throughout The Project Lifecycle

That’s Our Difference.
Becoming energy independent is a journey, and like any journey it requires a plan with a clear starting point and an end destination.

The Beginning

We conduct an initial assessment that outlines the estimated requirements you will need to become energy independent. Our assessment includes basic design options to provide you with an overview of the project’s scope. This is conducted at our risk.

Creating A Journey Map

On your approval to proceed, we request exclusivity on the deal for an agreed to time frame. This allows us to conduct an in-depth energy audit. From this we can propose the best efficiency solutions which inform our engineered design proposals. From here, we include detailed financial solutions that will provide you with the financial support to proceed with the project. On approval we enter into a contractual agreement with you.

Walking The Road Together

When starting the project construction and commissioning, our robust planning and project management processes and skills ensure quality compliance and safety management. Inspections, testing and verification are all managed for you providing you with the peace of mind that your energy solution follows global best practices.

Maintaining An

Energised Pace

We never leave your side, even when the project is up and running. Our SLA informs the parameters of our agreement while ensuring you access to global best practice service levels.

Enjoy The Journey

Your journey to energy independence should be exciting and positive. Our team is driven to ensure you are equipped with all the information and knowledge needed to make the best decisions possible for a long-term outcome that will deliver on your goals and ambitions. We stop to show you the sites, explain the new terminologies and marvel at the ingenuities that will make it possible for you to power your journey to energy independence.